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Bubble Shooter Online Game June 16, 2017

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Bubble Shooter Online Game

The old legendary online Bubble Shooter game, which attracts with its simple rules and complex passage. Here there is only one level in the form of a square field, where colored bubbles are located. The bottom of the screen shows the number of allowed misses. When there is no chance of an error, the indicator is updated, and more balls appear on the field. Begins an endless struggle against bubbles, whose number is constantly growing, although the player is trying to change it. The gameplay is made in a classical style, so fans of the genre will definitely enjoy a good passage and have a great time. You can play in Bubble Shooter in full screen, in this mode the graphics look better. A sharp hit with a ball makes the shooter closer to victory.

Several settings are provided in the main menu on the right. You can choose the background color of the field, see the table of records and adjust the quality of the animation. Change options are often not required, the developers have taken care of the most successful mode, so that players do not have to dig and expose options. The game has a few subtle moments in the rules, which must be remembered and constantly used. Try to shoot accurately at the walls, so that the balls fly away and reach the furthest points. Try to bring down the bubbles higher, so that the lower ones are left without attachment. These combinations allow you to get a lot of points at once and become really good marksman. Play a free game and enjoy a real classic of the genre. Now the passage is available without registration.

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