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How to quickly make money in GTA Online April 1, 2018

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How to quickly make money in GTA Online

The audience of GTA Online, recently experienced massive bans, has not exhausted the desire to spend money beautifully and most effectively, experimenting, for example, with bombing. And where to find funds for such common things as helicopters, cars, weapons, in the end clothes? .. Together, Adam Broug, the author of very useful guides, published on this website, we tell here how to earn as much as possible, spend extremely chic and to live quite clover.

At once we notice: the methods are golden. And this is not the daily hotspings added in March with the Super Series, or the endless addicts, already bored even for beginners, not even cooperative missions, because their price has long been out of line with real prices on the market. Without a doubt: they are known to veterans of Friv games, so we present them to players who do not have much experience in local grind.

Warning: do not forget to do what you like. Over time in Grand Theft Auto, the endless grind first sweeps away the desire to spend, and then – to play, dulling once-warm feelings and reducing any motivation to “No”. The most zealous grinders are cautioned: in order to purchase all available vehicles (without their modifications), it is necessary to spend more than 600 hours of continuous implementation of all the schemes described below in action.


Double bonus

GTA Online Double bonus

Banal, but very useful for young business people thing that makes all the modes on this site brighter, and their passage is more fun. To raise a superfluous penny, it is worth clinging to large events that offer a double payment: premium races, a series of bunker assignments, tests for the time. The most profitable are considered robberies, but they are indecently rare: do not miss a chance, if you can double the stolen cache.

The ability to double the prize is combined well with subsequent methods, allowing you to collect huge amounts of money – it’s only necessary to check bonus modes weekly.



GTA Online Robbery

Potential cash – 400 thousand dollars per hour. To implement the plan will require an elite apartment, the cost of which is more than 200 thousand bucks, a small contribution and three good friends, ready to do everything quickly and without unnecessary noise.

In any elite apartment there is a room where you can choose one of the proposed options for robbery. After choosing the desired place and paying the fee, you should prepare: watch the guides on the YouTube Channel of Kizi, play out and breathe out a breeze.

We advise you to take on the robbery of the Pacific Standard at a difficult level of difficulty with adequate partners, at the end of a difficult mission dividing the profit in favor of the host: 40% of the total cache versus 20% given to the other three – this will cover the costs of the host for the initial contribution and equally divide the fight between the fighters.


“Judgment Day”

300 thousand dollars per hour for the presence of the Institution at the host, which costs 1.25 million (there are nine of them in Los Santos), and a kind friend who can tear and throw without much stress.

In the planning room located in this Institution, the owner of the base must discard a rather large contribution, invite a friend and prepare to perform additional tasks and, most importantly, the final one, without missing a single one and getting out of the skin in a duet. In the case of implementation, it is worth to divide the profit by 60-40 in favor of the host to compensate the contribution.

If suddenly the passage of a game in a duet takes a lot of time and effort, without paying off in the end, it is worthwhile to invite a couple more players to form a large team, preparing to share the potential profit.


Special cargoes

This time a little less – 200 thousand dollars per hour for the presence of its own Office (1 million) and the Warehouse (250 thousand).

The scheme is simple: we go to the SecuroServ Services and become the Chief of the organization or the Boss. Further, at the Office, with the help of a computer, we purchase as much as possible of the Special Ship and carry out a mission to deliver boxes to the Warehouse, beware of other players and policemen. For good work we convene friends: together and cheerful, and safer, and, most importantly, faster.

Having bought a lot of boxes and dragging them to the Warehouse, it is worthwhile to make a wholesale sale, having received a noticeable benefit.



GTA Online Cars

300 thousand dollars per hour for the presence of Office and Warehouse (1.5 million).

Being the Chief in the framework of SecuroServ, we use the computer in the Office and make out the hijacking, after which we execute the mission extremely accurately, avoiding damages to the stuck machine: for the crumpled bumper and scratches we will have to pay fairly.

It is necessary to fill your warehouse with twenty different models of the standard and middle class, then update the site with a list of available hijackings – then each job will get an elite class car. We advise grindit on this: when stealing immediately put the car out for sale, inviting friends to speed up production.


Air Freight

GTA Online Air Freight

150 thousand dollars per hour for the presence of the Angara (the minimum price is 1.2 million).

Being the Chief or the Boss in SecuroServ, we choose the air transportation and the type of cargo as the delivery of the goods. We carry out the site mission, delivering boxes to the Hangar; after sell the goods in bulk. Adam advises to adhere to the transport of one type of goods and sell boxes with large stacks, reminding that the toolbar bonus for the sale of 50 boxes will be equal to 75%.


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